Happy Holidays!

Our 2012 Xmas card should be well distributed by now, so its safe to ruin the surprise and unveil you this years design! Miraculously, this was actually completed with well enough time to be sent out before March, like last year. Happy late new year!

If it comes in a little dark, which most are saying, it is. For some reason when uploading it here to WordPress it comes in very dark, and you cant even make out the bricks in the background. If it is absurdly dark, this is a perfect time to recommend a GREAT product that all artists should at the least, consider. Its the Spyder 3. Basically its a neat little gadget meant for photographers, that you attach to your monitor and it basically reads the light in the room you are in, and translates that info to your computers color management. Simply put, it adjusts your color settings to the perfect settings based on where you are, all by it self.

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