Revisiting an old favorite.

April 23, 2010

This is a caricature of Mitch Pileggi from one of my wife’s and my favorite show, The X-Files. This is one of my favorite paintings, if not my favorite. Ironically it was one of my quickest, only taking about 30 minutes to complete… or so I thought. I just today got a new monitor, and the colors are very clear. I noticed right away many flaws with the original. Mostly just instances where I thought I was painting with one shade of black, but it turned out to be a lighter shade. Seeing as how the painting is very dark, there was a lot of that going on. I just went over it again to make it all cohesive and it looks much better now. My other pieces seem to be fine, maybe it was just because I went so fast on this. So here it is, the newly refinished “Skinner.”

The Cousins Caricature

April 19, 2010

My cousin Lauren had a pretty intense profile picture on Facebook… I mentioned how it would be fun to caricature….

The first real post!

April 19, 2010

So I think I have the blog up and running to satisfaction, at least for now. Let’s get started and show some work in progress(WIP).  I have had a painting of Dwayne Wade I have been wanting to get back to for a while now. Below is a quick shot of it.

D-Wade WIP