New Yorker illustrations

May 16, 2014

So a while back I partnered up with a friend of mine, Mark Johnson, who is a huge New Yorker fan. He came up with these three ideas, the deserted island, and the train conversation, and the idea for the dog piece. I completely misunderstood his direction for the dog piece, and did what you see here, which is completely different then he wanted, but it still turned out funny. We were going to submit these, but then found out just how absurd the process to get shown for the New Yorker is, so here they are for the blog!


Another day, another cartoon for the newsletter…

January 13, 2011

So this one was requested to illustrate members actually following the rules. Normally they are being blatantly broken. Is that route as funny as the negative way? No. I could have shown kids doing cannon balls into the hot tub or something else humerus, but this will still definitely get the idea across just the same. The whole idea of all these is so the Uclub can bring awareness of the club rules to the members via a cartoon.